股下 前股上 ウエスト
XS 74 cm 24.7 cm 76.2 cm
S 76.5 cm 26.5 cm 79.5 cm
M 78 cm 27.5 cm 81.5 cm
L 79.5 cm 29 cm 84 cm
XL 80.5 cm 30 cm 86.5 cm
2XL 82 cm 31.5 cm 89 cm

HF04GD Mix - Garment Dye Heavy Fleece Sweatpant (New & Now)


This fleece is very heavy and will provide you with warmth in temperatures as low as 50°F (10°C). Consider sizing up for a more relaxed fit. These pants are made in South Central, Los Angeles by expert sewers using premium construction materials and techniques.

This product is 100% Made in U.S.A. and NAFTA compliant. Made in South Central, Los Angeles. Our experienced seamstresses earn an average up to $20 an hour or more and no less than $16. Plus benefits and overtime.

This item is a garment dye product. Garment dye items can be distinguished by “GD” at the end of their style number, and will not match piece dye items (items without “GD” at the end of their style number). To learn more about the garment dye process, please click here.