Chest Width String Tie Length Cap Width (bottom, walk edge) Cap Length (at center, peak to edge) Cap Drop Length (front edge, peak to peak) Neck String Tie Length
XS/S 52 in. 132.08 cm 6 in. 15.24 cm 7 in. 17.78 cm 7 in. 17.78 cm 251/2 in. 64.77 cm
M/L 565/8 in. 25.4 cm 65/8 in. 60.32 cm 7 in.1/2 41.59 cm 75/8 in. 35.24 cm 261/2 in. 32.70 cm

RNT415 - Paradise Bikini Top

Style RNT415

The Paradise Bikini Top provides a bit more coverage than the String Bikini Top and can be worn in lots of different ways. Scrunch it up for a 90s inspired look or smoothed out for more support. We made the spaghetti strings a little long on this one so feel free to experiment!

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