JQSCARF31 - World Flags Scarf


We’re proud to call Los Angeles home; Not only because we live here, but because there’s no other city like it in the world.

With its refusal to follow the standard rules of urban development and sprawl (which would make it easier for newcomers to digest), its abundant mix of languages/cultures, and its innovative economy, this adolescent metropolis continues to evolve with chameleon-esque finesse.

It’s the last stop (or stop for now) for nomads and adventure seekers from every corner of the globe. Naturally, this piqued our interest in Vexiollogy. Global geopolitics aside, there’s something quite magical in the mixing of voices, cultures, and backgrounds that can happen in a place like Los Angeles.

This scarf is reversible and has different country flags knit on each side.

Artwork by KChung Studio.